Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I have decided that Thursday is going to be forevermore "Thankful" Thursday.

On my first Thankful Thursday I want to say I am Thankful for my anipals but especially thankful for Truman (@tweetingtruman)  and Biggie (@biggiefudgecakes). They have been the two most supportive pals of me and mom in this transition period.

To Truman and to Biggie I say thank you! Don't know what I'd be doing without you two.


  1. oh your welcome mate ........ one day we will met and savour some catnip (can't wait to try some) & you'll feel wind in your fur

  2. Thank you Leo! My mom and I are very thankful for you too! Maybe we can all get together one day and go to the beach!!!