Monday, June 4, 2012

Candle Tonight

Candles flame burning bright
Flickering into the darkest night
May they bring clarity of sight.
So many are going through life
Struggling and full of strife.

The flames that burn tonight
May they bring a turn to all who see
Peace and harmony is the way to be.

Unkind words and unkind thoughts
Bring things that are not sought
Eventually those that do will be caught
And lessons they will be taught.
For that is what life is all about.

As tonight the flames burn bright
For those that need peace, comfort, 
to make things right
Say a prayer, give a chance, 
do not hesitate and be afraid of the cirumstance. 
Do what is right and gaze upon 
the candle flames that burn tonight.


  1. That is beautiful Leo *wipes eyes w/paw*

  2. I really not a poet but after reading some things yesterday on twitter this what came out. *Hugs* me glad you like it Truman.

  3. you are a wordsmith Leo. mwah XOXOXO