Thursday, May 31, 2012

Four Days Later

It been four whole days since we moved to Grandparents house. Four days! Do you know how long four days is for a kitty? That is a long time for sure. I lost count number of hours that be because I not have enough paws. MOL!

I doing okay at house now I settling in. There is lot of windows to look out of. Mom got my perch in her bedroom window. It a good spot. Another good spot though is the three windows in the kitchen. Can move window to window to window! It so pawsome. Look, see there is the windows in the kitchens

and here's my perch in moms room.

She not sure why I wasn't laying in it when picture was taken! 

I also get one can of noms in the morning. I never eat soft foods before I come to grandparents house but it pretty good! I especially like the tuna flavors and the fishy flavors. See, like this one! Grandma started it. She feed it to Linus and he wasn't it so I eat it then she told mom. Mom not mind. After all, Grandma allowed to do what she want! That why she a Grandma. Also, I has not thrown up at all while I been inside this house. That make mom and I both happy!

I'm not hiding as much under the bed only when there be loud noises but only for short amounts of time!

Linus and I still working on being pals. This is Linus. He spend most of his time outside. We be hissy at each other right now but not a lot of hissy. Everyone say we work it out! I think eventually we gunna be friends. I not know much about him. He was mom brother cat with first marriage. He move back home with Linus after needing place to stay kind of like mom and me! Linus stay and her brother left.

That all for now!

Love pals. xx

Monday, May 28, 2012

First Day

Mom moved me yesterday from the old house to the new house. The new house isn't a new house to her. It's the one she grew up in. I'm not so sure of the place but its only been one night and part of the day. I guess I should start at the beginning of yesterday.

Mom packed up the car pretty early with a lot of things except me. Guess she wanted to save the best for last! It took her forever to get things sorted at the new house. Unpacking her things and putting them away, ok, that didn't take to long. The ceiling fan she says is what took the longest. Eventually, she came back for me. I knew something was up when she got out the carrier. I hate the carrier but who doesn't?

She already had my things in the car ready to go. It was my turn. I struggled a lot to get into the carrier. I wasn't going in, no no you can't make me. Oh shoot, there I am in it.

This was before we left. We were in the car and she stuck her finger into it let me know it was all be okay. We started out okay then she realized she forgot the hangers so had to do a turn around. Drove back, got the hangers, pulled out, couldn't remember if the door was locked. Turned around again, came back, checked and the door was locked. Finally, we were off!

Mom told me I wouldn't be in the carrier long as we drove down the road. Let me tell you, that was a lot of road to be driving. It seemed forever and forever and then something embarrassing happened! I threw up. I didn't mean to throw up, it just kind of happened.

We were almost there anyway and had about ten more minutes to go. Mom didn't want to keep me in the carrier after that because of the throw up. She didn't think it was fair to me. She opened it and I climbed out stepping over the throw up and sat on her lap. I looked out the window. Finally, we got to her parents house. She held me and we walked inside. I remember she said "Well, he was in his carrier then he threw up." I was scared. I clung to her and dug my claws into her skin. I left some claw marks. Sorry mom! She put me down on the chair next to Grandpa and he petted me a little. I jumped down and Grandma was on the floor and she petted me too! Then I went and hid underneath the couch. I was scared and it was new.

Mom left me there while she got my things out the car and set me up in her room. It's not so bad in her room. I have my foods and water. I have my toys, scratchy post, and window seat all in here. I did hide though under the bed and the dresser while she was getting things set up.I also got real hot and started hyperventilating. That scared mom real bad. I've never done that before.  It quit after a while.I just had to calm down.

It got dark and the grandparents went to sleep. Mom wasn't tired and I was calmed down. I went to the door and she opened it and we wandered the house. It wasn't so bad at night when it was quiet. I explored while the grandparents slept. then I came back into moms room and hopped onto my cat perch and stared out the window for a while.

It seems okay, I still have to get used to it. Right now, I'm flopped on moms bed comfy and content.

I'm sure I'll have more adventures as the days go by. I still need to talk about Linus too. That'll be another post though.

Love to all pals.